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Hey, I'm Adam. Also known as This Boy Knows. I am, in a nutshell, a creative.

This Boy Knows started way back when as my personal blog, covering all things fashion, creativity and more. It was my little escape from a dark period of my life.

Fast forward 5 years and I have had some pretty amazing experiences and opportunities in my online career. I now also run my own Digital Marketing Agency here in Limerick, We Know Digital!

​In short, I am a Digital Content Creator. At the agency, I cover Digital Marketing, Social Media, Photography, Videography, Branding & Design! I basically like creating things! You could say,

I know a little about a lot of fields, hence the branding names!

Apart from my day-to-day work above, I absolutely love designing/creating pretty much in any medium I can get my hands on! I create professional graphics/logos/websites etc for my clients, but in my downtime - I create a little art.

From illustrating to vinyl decals, I honed in on my skills last year and decided to dedicate a new corner of the internet to this. After some brainstorming, Know A Little Art was born. 

You will see a variety of ready-to-buy custom products, from vinyl cups to acrylics and art prints of some of my favourite quotes & doodles! I hope my creations spark some positivity into your life & home! Tag us @knowalittleart on Instagram to share the creativity!

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