Hey, I'm Adam. Also known as This Boy Knows. I am, in a nutshell, a creative.

This Boy Knows started way back when as my personal blog, covering all things fashion, creativity and more. It was my little escape from a dark period of my life.

Fast forward 5 years and I have had some pretty amazing experiences and opportunities in my online career. I now also run my own Digital Agency here in Limerick, We Know Digital!

​In short, I am a Digital Content Creator. At the agency, I cover Digital Marketing, Social Media, Photography, Videography & Design! I basically like creating things! You could say,

I know a little about a lot of fields, hence the branding names!

Apart from my day-to-day work above, I absolutely love designing/creating pretty much in any medium I can get my hands on! I create professional graphics/logos/websites etc for my clients, but in my downtime - I create a little art.

I'm no artist, but I love unleashing my creativity in various ways. From illustrating to vinyl decals, I honed in on my skills this year and decided to dedicate a new corner of the internet to this. After some brainstorming, Know A Little Art was born. 

You will see a variety of ready-to-buy custom products, from cups to acrylics and art prints of some of my favourite daily quotes & doodles. I also love to illustrate people when I can; at the time of you reading this, custom illustration commissions are not available to purchase but hopefully will be in the near future!

 In the meantime, enjoy my creations and products currently available,

and follow @knowalittleart for your daily spark of creativity!

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